4 Must-Have POS Hardware for Your Business in 2024

Published: Dec 27, 2023

A point-of-sale (POS) system is a combination of software and hardware that is used to manage sales transactions. The software component of a POS system is responsible for tracking sales, managing inventory, and processing payments. The hardware component of a POS system includes screens, barcode scanners, receipt printers, and cash drawers. By using POS system hardware, businesses can improve efficiency, reduce errors, track inventory, and manage payments.  

If you're looking to add hardware components to your POS system, this blog can help you make informed decisions and choose the right tools for your business needs. 

1. Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanners play a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency of POS systems. It automates the input of product information. This automation not only improves efficiency but also reduces the likelihood of errors in recording product details during transactions. 

Here are different types of barcodes that you can choose for your business: 

3 types of barcode scanners

  1. Handheld barcode scanners are portable and can scan products anywhere in the store. Its portability makes it ideal for scanning products where mobility is essential. This type ranges from PHP 800.00 up to PHP 2,000.00.  

  1. Stationary or fixed-position scanners are in a specific location, often at the checkout counter or in a designated scanning area. They are known for their speed and accuracy, making them suitable for high-volume retail environments. This type ranges from PHP 5,000.00 up to PHP 14,000.00. 

  1. Wireless barcode scanners allow freedom of movement as cables do not connect them. It communicates with the POS system via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It allows users to move around without constraints. These have higher values than other types, ranging from PHP 15,000.00 to PHP 20,000.00. 

By eliminating the need for manual data entry, barcode scanners hurry the checkout process and reduce the risk of errors. These scanners update stock levels in real-time, providing accurate inventory management for businesses. 

2. Cash Register or Cash Drawer 

Cash redisters are indispensable for businesses that handle cash transactions. The compartments keep money and coins safe, making handling and finding cash easy. 

 When a user processes a cash transaction, integration with the POS system ensures that the cash drawer opens. It minimizes the risk of errors and discrepancies in cash handling. Cash drawers help make transactions accurate and simplify end-of-day reconciliation, making operations more efficient. When you pick a cash drawer consider your business size, POS system, security, and budget. 

 There are two types of cash registers: 

two types of cash register

  1. Manual drawers may suit businesses with basic cash-handling needs. However, they lack electronic components and are often more straightforward in design. Users can open and close manual cash drawers using a key or a lever. A user may open and close electronic cash drawers using a signal from the POS system. Its price ranges from PHP 1,000.00 to PHP 2,000.00. 

  1. Electronic cash drawers can log transaction details. Businesses can use this feature to create detailed reports on cash transactions. These reports show information on sales patterns, cashier performance, and other essential data. Users can integrate it with other devices in POS systems, such as receipt printers and barcode scanners. These cash drawers range from PHP 1,000.00 up to PHP 2,700.00 

3. Receipt Printer 

Business owners use thermal printers in modern POS systems due to their speed, efficiency, and quiet operation. They use heat-sensitive paper and thermal print heads to produce high-quality prints. It ranges from PHP 700.00 up to 4,000.00, depending on the features. 

Here are 2 types of receipt printer that you can choose from: 

2 types of receipt printer

  1. Receipt printers connects to POS systems through USB, Ethernet, or wireless connections. This integration makes sure that transaction data goes to the printer for making receipts.  

  1. Thermal printers print quickly, which helps businesses with many transactions. They need less maintenance and have fewer moving parts than other printers. The reliability of the POS system helps it work and process transactions, generating receipts right away. 

Receipt printers can be personalized by users to include logos, advertisements, or return policies. This branding on the receipt gives a professional look and helps promote the business to customers. You can also add transaction details such as itemized lists and discounts helps customers review their purchases and promotes transparency. 

4. Screen Display 

Businesses have the choice of a traditional monitor or a tablet. Each option has unique benefits depending on their needs. The screen shows information from the POS software in real time. It includes transactions, product details, and payment information. 

monitor and tablet

  1. Traditional monitors are a reliable and established choice for POS systems. Businesses can choose a display size that meets their needs because they come in different sizes. These devices work well in fixed POS setups, such as at a cashier's station. It's better to have a stationary display in these situations.

    POS hardware Philippines stores offer traditional and touchscreen monitors. A traditional monitor costs around PHP2,000.00. But touchscreen monitors range from PHP 10,000 up to PHP 17,000.00. 

  2. Tablets have become a popular option instead of regular POS monitors. They are portable, flexible, and have touch screens. These small machines are perfect for cramped spaces or businesses that need to move around. The interface is simpler for employees who use smartphones or tablets.

    Users can also bring the tablet and move around on tables for customer interactions. As a result, it makes POS transactions more flexible and dynamic. 

Wrapping Up 

POS accessories play an essential role in the smooth operation of any business. They can help to streamline transactions, improve customer service, and reduce errors. Investing in the right POS accessories can help businesses become more efficient and profitable. These accessories work together to create a strong POS system. It can adapt to different needs and focus on customers. It is ready for growth in a competitive market. 

The touchscreens, scanners, printers, and cash drawers make transactions faster and improve operations. The integration improves transaction accuracy. It helps staff and customers understand the purchasing process. 

However, it is optional to have all hardware right away. You can get another hardware once your business grows, if only necessary. 

And if you are using Peddlr app as your mobile pos system, you connect to hardwares like barcode, receipt printer, and cash drawer via bluetooth. 

Showing that Peddlr POS app can be used for any businessAll-in-one POS system for micro, small, and medium businesses

What is Peddlr? 

Peddlr is a POS mobile application for all business owners – sari-sari stores, milk tea stands, coffee shops, Shopee and Lazada sellers and more. It's free to download, free to use, and works even without an internet connection. With Peddlr, you can easily manage and track your business performance and inventory. 

Here are some of the useful features that you can access through the Peddlr app: 

  • FREE Point-of-sale system (POS) or a mobile cashier system 

  • FREE Credit Reminder β€“ send SMS to your customers for free to collect credit/debts easily 

  • FREE Inventory Manager/Tracker - take control of your product inventory 

  • Loading and Bills Payment Services β€“ enjoy rebates and cashback 

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