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What our users are saying...
Rio Costales

Very nice app for business and business owners. Its almost a complete app unlike other POS apps i've tried. Kudos to the developers and friendly fb admins. Also, there's always somebody who will assist you with any questions you might have. They're open for suggestions and feedback as well. Waiting for the pc/ laptop version to be available soon.

Benjamin Santiago

Peddlr is very user-friendly. I was using a monthly subscribed pos app until I learned about Peddlr. Very useful to my small café. Highly recommended to those starters. Very Pinoy with a dedicated social media page and community with an active user support team.

Pauleen Arguilles

Been using this for almost a month and so far I love using this app. It's a friendly user and easy to track income and expenses. God bless to Peddlr Team for helping us small business owner to make our life easier.

Napoleon Santos

The apps are very usefull especially for beginner in small businesses. I started a street food vending. grills. its easy to use and friendly user since i do monitor my daily sales and daily expenses. and monitor also product inventory at the end of the day. and it directly to cash ledger the cash sales. Thank you Peddlrs developer.

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