About Us

Who we are. What we do. Why we do it.

What we do and Why we do it.

Our mission at Peddlr is to build a digital infrastructure for micro and small businesses in Southeast Asia, starting with sari sari stores in the Philippines.
We believe that every business, whether big or small, should have an easy and better way of managing their businesses using technology.
Unfortunately, that is not the case today.

Peddlr simplifies bookkeeping by making robust building blocks:

  • Fast and seamless on-boarding process
  • Simplified and straight forward user interface
  • 1-click product setup using predefined product data base
  • Easy to use POS system and expenses ledger
  • Standard, scalable and solution fit for sari sari store business
  • Easy to read accounting reports

Peddlr removes barriers to get started:

  • Frictionless signup process
  • Free to download and free to use
  • No credit card needed to get started
  • Runs on mobile
  • Works offline, no internet or data needed

The Team

Six (6) strong independent individual which can work complementarily as a team had come together and created Peddlr. A team that is committed on bringing technology and making life easier for micro and small businesses.

Nel Laygo

CEO & Founder

Aiko Reyes

COO & Co-Founder

Francis Dela Cruz

Founding Developer

Nelson Bathan Jr.

Founding Developer

Queenie Rayos

Finance Director

Mel Francis Separa

Founding Developer