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About the Product

Peddlr is a smart Point of Sale (POS) mobile application that helps micro, small, medium enterprises and more. Peddlr allows you to automatically record your sales, log your expenses, and generate basic accounting reports for you to understand your business performance.

This is the base product of Peddlr. It is an easy 2-click self-service setup Point of Sale application. You will only need your phone and products to get started. Once you're set up, you may start uploading product images and prices to the app and your POS will be automatically generated. This works both online and offline.

Peddlr syncs the smart POS to a digital web-based product catalog that can be shared to customers. You will have an automatic online, ecommerce enable store that serves 2 functions- (1) showcase your product list and prices and (2) gives your customer a frictionless, web-based, product checkout experience. The customer will not need to download any app nor be required to create an account. It will be a quick checkout ordering process where you will instantly receive customer orders via the Peddlr app. This feature requires mobile data or internet connectivity.

Setup Process

To secure your records, you will need internet connectivity to automatically sync your business data with your account. You may also create backup data of financial records through the Account Tab to ensure ease of data retrieval and reporting.  Please stay connected to the internet or Turn your data On to avoid interruption.

No. You don't need coding or technical skills to use the application. This is a 2-click setup process and can be done easily within 5 minutes. All you need is an android or IOS mobile Phone with OS 5 and above versions. Peddlr had removed all the technical barriers so that MSMEs can accelerate on going digital.

It is easy! 2-click product setup and you are done. You can start peddling within 5 minutes. To get started, all you will need is an android or IOS phone and your products.

Not required but if you have the capability to have good looking product images or artworks then it would be better. Product pictures are gold on doing online business. It attracts buyers and trigger impulsive buying which helps increase your sales. But it's okay to use your basic product images as long as it clearly shows the features of your product.

Since peddlr is only a tool which helps the users perform online transactions, we are not requiring any business requirements or documents. We highly encourage our users to coordinate with their local government unit regarding the mandatory business laws and ordinances.

About Pricing

The app is FREE to download and FREE for everyone to use. No need to pay to get started!

No! Credit card is not needed to setup or get started with Peddlr.

Peddlr POS App is FOREVER FREE to download and FREE to use.

My Account

Contact our support team at or message us on our Facebook page to retrieve your account.

Android mobile phones and tablets with version 5.5 up and Apple mobile phones with IOS version 10.2 up.

It's not recommended to use your Peddlr account on multiple devices as this could affect your records.

No. For now, you can use the Peddlr app on mobile phones and tablets.

Click Forgot Password?, enter your mobile number or email address, and make a new password.

Your account has been suspended due to detection of suspicious transactions.

Contact us through to reactivate your account.

Using Peddlr is completely safe. Peddlr ensures that all data remains secure and confidential, with no sharing involved. For more information, refer to Peddlr's Privacy Notice (

No, the receipts generated by the Peddlr app are "acknowledgement receipts," not "official receipts."

Products and Services

You can sell e-loads, cable pins, and game pins.

You can sell e-loads and other promos for the following networks: Globe, TM, Smart, TNT, and Dito.

MalaCash is Peddlr's new exciting feature that rewards you with bonuses for your eload top-ups and sell eloads!

Top-up your wallet to reach the MalaCash levels. For example, to reach MariSeller level 1, top up your eLoad wallet with 3000 pesos. There are different bonuses for each MalaCash level. Only top-ups made on non-promo days will be included on the computation for each MalaCash level.

You can claim your bonuses at the first day of the following month. For example, you can claim your August bonuses on September 1. The bonuses will expire within 7 days, so you have until September 7 to claim your bonuses.

Your MalaCash resets every first day of the month. So you start from level 0 again at the beginning of the month.

You can sell prepaid credits for the following cable providers: Cignal, G-sat, Gpinoy at Satlite.

You can sell game pins and credits for a variety of online games, such as Mobile Legends, Ragnarok, Roblox, Genshin Impact, Valorant, and a lot more!

No, your e-load wallet can only be used in-app to sell e-loads, cable pins, and game pins.

BLVCK Coins can be used to send SMS reminders, print receipts, and export reports.

You can earn BLVCK coins by playing the daily roleta and backing up your reports.

No, BLVCK Coins can only be used in-app.

PRP means Peddlr Rewards Points, which can be used to redeem prizes and spin the Grand Roleta.

You can earn PRPs by sharing your referral code to your friends. Invite your friends to download and use Peddlr, and you can earn 15 PRP for every friend who downloads and registers.

You need 10 BLVCK coins for every report that you export.

You need 30 Peddlr Reward Points to spin the Grand Roleta.

You can play and spin the Grand Roleta every Sunday.

E-supplies is where you can buy affordable supplies for your store and POS devices such as Printer, Scanner, and Cash drawer.

Send your Transaction ID to our support team at or message us on our Facebook page for further checking.

Send your Transaction ID to our support team at or message us on our Facebook page for further checking.

Bills Payment is a digital banking or payment of bills online through GCash, Maya, and bank accounts.

Here are some services you can pay through the Peddlr app: Telco, Utility, Cable at Internet, Memorial Plan, Loans, Credit Cards, Insurance, Real Estate, and many more!

With Free Data, you won’t need mobile data subscription to use E-Products!

Ensure you have an Internet connection and that your app is up to date with the latest version. If issue persists, send your Transaction ID to our support team at or message us on our Facebook page for further checking.

There may be delays in receiving OTPs. Wait for a few minutes and retry the process. If the issue persists, contact our support team at or message us on our Facebook page for further checking.

BillEase is a "Buy Now Pay Later" payment method that enables you to conveniently add funds to your Bills Payment wallet and settle the payment at a later time. Download Billease in Apple/Play Store, and start your Bills Pay business without having to cash out.

Sell eload offline is a functionality in e-products that allows you to continue selling eload without Internet.

The process of selling eload offline is still the same as when you sell e-load while connected to the Internet. To use this functionality, you need to have a working and registered SIM Card, and you need to maintain a load balance of P1.00. While you need to maintain a load balance of P1.00, you won’t be charged for any text messages.

You need the following:
  • A working and registered sim card
  • Minimum load balance of 1.00
  • Reliable cell coverage/signal

During the sell eload offline transaction, you will be redirected to your SMS/Text application where you will manually send a system-generated text message to the number 225651414. Do not edit the system-generated text message. This message is safe, and you will not be charged for the text message. Note that the number can't be called or texted. If you encounter any issues, contact our support team at or message us on our Facebook page ( for further checking.

Take note of the following based on your device:
  • For Android and iOS devices, you need to manually send the text message.
  • For Huawei devices, the text message will be automatically sent.

No, you need to maintain a load balance of ₱1 to be able to sell eload offline. The system will not process your transaction if you have zero load balance.

Yes, you need to have a working SIM card in your phone to be able to use sell eload offline. A SIM card is essential because:
  1. When selling eload offline, you will be prompted to manually send a system-generated text message to 225651414.
  2. You need a SIM card to keep at least ₱1 load balance.

For iOS and Android devices, this is the number to which you will manually send a system-generated message to complete your sell eload offline transaction.
For Huawei Devices, this is the number to which a system-generated message is being automatically sent to complete your sell eload offline transaction.

If you have successfully downloaded your sell eload data, you can proceed with your transaction without the need to download anything or enable your mobile data again.

Head over to for a step-by-step guide on selling eloads offline.

Yes, you have the option to use or not use the sell eload offline feature. Just toggle the Offline Mode button to the left to turn it off and toggle it to the right to turn it on.

You need to go back to the Peddlr app to finish your transaction. Refer to the instructions below on going back to the Peddlr app:
  • iOS Devices - After manually sending the message, it will automatically redirect to the Peddlr app.
  • Android Devices - After manually sending the message, click your phone’s back button to go back to the Peddlr app.
  • Huawei Devices – The transaction will continue as the device will automatically send the text message on your behalf.

You will receive a text message indicating the failure of the transaction. Contact our support team at or message us on our Facebook page ( for further checking.

Please check the phone number linked to your Peddlr account, as the confirmation SMS will be sent to that number. If you used a different number for your offline eload transaction, the transaction would still go through, but the confirmation SMS will be sent to the phone number linked to your Peddlr account.

You may also check your transaction history once online to ensure your transaction went through.

To ensure a smooth transaction experience, we recommend using the same phone number that is registered with your Peddlr account.

If you still encounter issues, contact our support team at or message us on our Facebook page ( for further checking.


E-renta is a new Peddlr app feature that allows store owners to upload and list their store fronts for rent to different brands and companies who want to put up physical advertisements/marketing collaterals.

Update your Peddlr app to the latest version to set up your store for E-renta. Head over to for a step-by-step guide on setting up your store.

You need to provide your store’s location/address (through Google maps), contact number, and photo.

For now, you can only add one store per account.

No. For now, you only need to provide your store’s location/address, contact number, and photo.


kankolek is a e-wallet solution from Peddlr that aims to empower Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to conduct digital transactions, such as collecting payments from customers from their banks or e-wallet accounts, and effectively managing the cash flow of their businesses.

  1. You will receive a pop-up notification in your Peddlr app that you are eligible to create a kankolek account. You can also go to your account tab and click on ‘Activate kankolek Now’
  2. You need to undergo the Know Your Customer (KYC) process to create your account. You need to prepare your valid government issued ID and provide your personal information for this.
  3. There will be a one-time security question, you will receive an SMS containing the answers for your security questions and OTP from Netbank for verification.
  4. After completing the KYC, wait for the confirmation regarding the successful status of your account creation.

You can perform the following transactions using kankolek:

  • Deposit via kolek QR - Add balance to your kankolek from other banks and e-wallets through kolek QR Code and earn cashback!

  • Kolek via QR from customer - Collect payment from your customer from their banks and e-wallets through kolek QR Code and earn extra income every transaction.

  • Send to ka-Peddlr - Transfer funds to another kankolek user.
  • Send to other e-wallets/banks - Transfer funds to other banks and digital wallets.

  • Eload topup via kankolek - Add balance to your e-load using kankolek.

All online banks and digital wallets (GCash, Maya, BDO, UnionBank, BPI, etc.) can be used for both collecting and sending money transactions with kankolek.

  1. Open your Peddlr App and click ‘Kolek’ button on the homescreen.
  2. Enter the amount of the bill of your customer then click ‘Generate QR’.
  3. Show the customer the generated QR code for them to scan. This reflects the total amount that they will pay which is the sum of their bill and kolek fee.

    Alternatively, you can download the Printable QR that can be display in the front of your store, click “Download Printable QR” and wait to be saved in your photo gallery. If customer scan the static QR, they will need to input their total amount payable. Do not forget to remind them to add the kolek fee.
  4. Wait for the app inbox and SMS notification confirming that you have received the payment from the customer. You can also refresh your kankolek wallet to verify if the transfer has been reflected.

You will receive an app inbox and SMS notification confirming that you have received the payment from your customer. You can also check if the amount has been reflected in your kankolek balance and transaction history.

The kolek fee is the additional charge that your customer will pay that is the total amount of merchant kita and system fee. Part of this amount will be credited to your kankolek, providing an extra income every transaction.

The instapay fee is an amount you will pay to the payment provider (instapay) to process your transaction.

There is no limit on the amount for your receive and send money transactions in kankolek.

Security Questions serve as a one-time verification for your transactions. You will receive an SMS from Peddlr that contains the answers to your Security Questions upon account creation. Please ensure not to share this information with others.

You can post your concern in the Peddlr App User Community group on Facebook or you can message our technical support

A disclosure statement is a document that contains all the important information about the digital bank account product. This will be available for your review during sign-up and you will need to agree to the disclosure statement before you are able to create your account. You can access the document here: